House Style

We use The Chigao Manual of Style guidelines.

Copyright Laws

Your published work is automatically copyrighted. There is no need to “copyright” your work. Please be aware that when you publish a book you are responsible for meeting all citation requirements and are responsible for any infringement of copyright laws.

Final Proof

The final proof is always the responsibility of the author.

Billing Times and Mechanisms

The fee for the initial 3,000-word editing is calculated based on the level of editing needed and due upon completion of the sample.

Also note:

  • When you sign a contract with URTEXT, 50% of the project fee is due.
  • The rest of the fee is due prior to release of final revised text.
  • All payments must be made by check.


URTEXT does not provide marketing services. Once you have your published book you can purchase marketing packages from vendors who specialize in book marketing.

Other Costs

We do not have any hidden fees. But be aware that the price of an editing and design package does NOT include consultation on how and where to publish or the fees associated with that. We can discuss whether you’re interested in purchasing consultation frees from us and/or where to look up account set-up and other fees charged by Print on Demand companies.