Over the Candlestick

Clara Middleton

This is one mother’s account of trying to raise and educate a son half decently — a journey that took the family from private school to public school to homeschooling. In the school system Clara Middleton encountered what has been called “the boy crisis.” In her website, Mothers of Bad Boys, she took on the mission of advocating for boys by giving voice to their mothers.

Clara’s blogs reflect daily triumphs and defeats in schools through the homeschooling years — until in total burnout she abandoned both website and homeschooling. This book records the build up to burn out, as well as what came next.

We want our boys to be free spirits and civilized people. We want them to be bold and kind. We want them to know their potential and learn what to do with it. We want them to appreciate good things, get serious, and have fun. We want to be good mothers to our sons — and we want to have a life too. 

“What Do Mothers Want,” MothersofBadBoys.com


Over The Candlestick