urtext 1. The original form of a text or a musical composition. 2. A version of a text or composition not subjected to editorial modifications.

URTEXT is a publisher of works unedited by the commercial dictates of the mainstream publishing industry.


Books published under the URTEXT label are titles selected by the publishers. We are unable to consider unsolicited manuscripts. However, through our Editing and Design Services we can assist authors to prepare their manuscripts for submission to other publishers or for self publishing.

  URTEXT Imprint

Red Finch Productions: For, by, and about children.


Maryam Pirnazar is a writer and editor. She has worked in academia and international organizations and has a PhD in Comparative Literature and Middle Eastern Studies from Columbia University. mp621323@yahoo.com


Laila Parsi is a graphic artist and photographer. She has worked in Iran and US.


Nadi Ghaffari is a web developer and designer with a degree in engineering technology with concentration in medical informatics.