The technology that makes it possible

The electronic revolution has brought a revolution in book publishing. It is now possible for authors to publish their work with small expense, maintain all rights and reserve all profits, while distributing their book as widely as with any great publishing house.With print-on-demand (POD) technology, books are printed as they are ordered electronically through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other electronic outlets, or through any bookstore. Many publishers use the printing and distribution services of the leading POD company, Lightning Source, which through its parent company, Ingram, places your book into the world’s most comprehensive distribution channels.

How it works

Once you have a fully edited, proofed, and designed manuscript you submit the electronic file to a POD company of your choice. From then on the POD company does everything: receives the order from where your buyer has ordered the book (Amazon or your local bookstore), prints it, charges the buyer, and ships it. Your will receive your profit at regular intervals from the POD company.

How we can help you become a publisher

URTEXT can help you in two ways.

  • Through our Editing and Design Services we can help you prepare professional quality manuscript(s) for submission to the POD company of your choice.
  • We can also consult with you on publishing options and setting up accounts with POD companies.

To become better informed about the new world of publishing please check out our resource page: Making Informed Decisions.