URTEXT Editing and Publishing Services can help you prepare your manuscript for submission to other publishers or become a publisher yourself.

Editing Services

Editing services include different levels of editing (depending on the shape your manuscript is in), revision,
and proofreading. Here is detailed information.

Publishing Services

You can become a publisher of your own and/or others’ manuscripts.

Our editing and design team can help you meet the professional standards that turn manuscripts into polished works. You can become a publisher with global distribution. Here is detailed information.

 The technology that makes it possible

The electronic revolution has brought a revolution in book publishing. It is now possible for authors to publish their work with small expense, maintain all rights and reserve all profits,
while distributing their book as widely as with any great publishing house.

With print-on-demand (POD) technology, books are printed as they are ordered electronically through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other electronic outlets, or through a local bookstore. We use the printing and distribution services of the leading POD company, Lightning Source, which through its parent company, Ingram, places your book into the world’s most comprehensive distribution channels.

• How it works

Here is a brief description of what happens if you decide to become the publisher of your own work using our services.

First we determine together the level of editing your manuscript needs, and then we edit and design the book for you. When the editing and design are complete we set up an account for you with Lightning Source and send them the edited and designed manuscript. Within a few days
your book becomes available through practically all electronic outlets (such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble) as well as bookstores. Your buyers will then simply order your book electronically or through bookstores.

When an order is made, Lighting Source will take care of everything: processing the order, printing the book, and shipping it directly to the buyer or bookseller who ordered it. Each month you will receive a report of the number of books you have sold, and a check for the proceeds is sent periodically.