Buna Nameh

Buna Nameh

Buna Alkhas

I went back to Tehran after 25 years to spend the summer with my father. I started a diary, originally for my son Behrang, and then just kept adding to it daily. This is the story of a half-breed returning to a country he half grew up in.

— Buna Alkhas


A collection of observations, ruminations and drawings, Buna Nameh is a witty, whacky and poignant production of an artist by blood. Buna Alkhas is the son of Hanibal Alkhas, the influential Iranian-Assyrian painter and arts professor, and an American mother who lived in Iran before the revolution. Having lived the tragicomedy of pre- and post-revolutionary Iran, Buna captures the irresistible absurdity that attracts half-breeds, expats and other hybrids to Iran.



ISBN: 978-0-9790573-6-6

Price: $25.00

Date: 2012

Format: Softcover 228 pgs 5.5″ x 8.5″