• Level One

Editor corrects errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax, as well as make suggestions for slight improvements. Includes one hour of editorial consultation.

Cost: $0.034

  • Level Two

Level One editing plus suggestions for restructuring sentences and paragraphs for logical coherence, narrative flow, and general cohesion. Includes one a half hours of editorial consultation.

Cost: $ 0.061 per word

  • Level Three

Levels One and Two editing plus addressing deeper issues of language, structuring of chapters, and the overall readability of the text. Includes two hours of editorial consultation. This is the most comprehensive level of editing, particularly recommended for authors whose native language is not English.

Cost: $0.089 per word


Formatting is the process of laying out your book to conform to professional publishing conventions and making it visually appealing. In addition to page layout, formatting includes creating a table of contents, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography pages, and placement of graphics and pictures. The fee includes interior layout, one table of contents, a reasonable number of footnotes and endnotes, insertion of up to 10 black and white images, and one hour of consultation with the designer.

Cost: $750

  • Extras
  1. Footnotes: $ 2 each
  2. Endnotes: $ 5 each
  3. Tables: $10 — $50 each
  4. Additional table of contents: $ 25 each
  5. Additional black and white images: $ 5 — $10 each


Our designer generates two designs incorporating your images and ideas. You work with her in choosing and finalizing the design. The fee includes two hours of consultation with designer.

Cost: Softcover $ 1,000; Hardcover $ 1,200


Revision is incorporating editorial changes in the text. It does not mean revising content!

Cost: $ 0.01 per word; or to be determined depending on extent of revision.


Cost: $ 0.02 per word

Please be aware that proofing always allows for a slight margin of error. The final proof is the author’s responsibility.


We can provide additional editorial and design services. This consultation may address editorial and design needs beyond what is outline above and/or making publishing decision.

  • Editorial and publishing: $ 110 per hour
  • Design: $ 80 per hour


Based on individual project.

Minimum Order: $500