Returning to Iran

Sima Nahan


Returning to Iran is a collection of articles chronicling the author’s travels to Iran in the 30 years since the revolution. It depicts some of the tragedies, defeats, triumphs and ironies of this time and offers glimpses into many facets of Iranian society with its complexities and contradictions.


The Blue Flower of Forgetfulness

Cyrus Samii


The Blue Flower of Forgetfulness, a novel, is an account of the modernization of Iran in the twentieth century. It weaves together Persian fairy tales, epic poems, and Hollywood movies, orientalist history, urban legends, and World Bank loans, feverish growth and tranquil fields of roses – and the grip of a force that strangles dreams.


Les années noires

Roland Baudet


Mon père commença à me raconter ces histoires alors que j’avais quinze ans, d’abord de façon décousue, une suite d’histoires et d’anecdotes où se mélangeaient le tragique et le comique.

Il y a maintenant vingt ans, alors que mon père recommençait à me raconter, pour la énième fois, les mêmes récits ; je lui dis tout d’un coup : « Pourquoi tu n’écrirais pas tout cela ? Tu me racontes, c’est bien beau, mais je ne me souviendrai pas de tout, alors que si tu écris, il restera une trace. »

Bénéficiant d’une très bonne mémoire et d’un bon trait de plume, mon père se mit a écrire à la main sur un, puis deux, cahiers d’écolier cette chronique où les habitants du quartier de Bas Pian, hameau de Pian sur Garonne (Gironde), traversé par la route nationale Bordeaux–Toulouse, à proximité de la voie de chemin de fer Bordeaux–Marseille et en bordure de la Garonne, se trouvèrent brutalement pris entre deux zones, entre deux Frances.

Mon père est décédé le 22 novembre 2007. Jusqu’à la veille de sa mort, il a toujours raconté, avec lucidité et sans exagération, les anecdotes qui émaillèrent la vie des habitants de ce quartier pendant ces heures sombres.

Joël Baudet


Buna Nameh

Buna Alkhas


A collection of observations, ruminations and drawings, Buna Nameh is a witty, whacky, and poignant production of an artist by blood. Buna Alkhas is the son of Hanibal Alkhas, the influential Iranian-Assyrian painter and arts professor, and an American mother who lived in Iran before the revolution. Having lived the tragicomedy of pre- and post-revolutionary Iran, Buna captures the irresistible absurdity that attracts half-breeds, expats, and other hybrids to Iran.


Zendegiye Koodakan

Samineh Baghcheban


This collection of poems and drawings is the first children’s book of its kind published in Shiraz in 1921. The author and illustrator is the famed educator Jabbar Baghcheban who was also the founder of deaf education in Iran. Samineh Baghcheban, daughter of Jabbar and an accomplished and influential educator and author herself, is the editor of this edition.


Silence, Exile and Cunning: Memoir of a Life at Work

Jack Oakley


Silence, Exile and Cunning: Memoir of a Life at Work is a cutting and provocative account of living a working life in America. It presents a slice of American history lived through education, work and the pursuit of professional contentment, if not happiness. As a cautionary tale it exposes the difficulty of trying to do your job with integrity while keeping it from snuffing out your passions and making a mockery of your intelligence. If there’s any hope that work in the 21st century will not deaden people’s souls and foster unnatural relationships between people, more professionals like Jack Oakley must tell it like it is.



Jack Oakley


Juvenilia is a collection of poems from 1967 to 2013 by poet, novelist, and engineer Jack Oakley.