Polar City Blues

Polar City Blues

Katharine Kerr

In some ways Polar City Blues is my tribute to the classic SF I read as a teenager. In other ways, it’s a heavily Revisionist book, where the Hero is female and the Object of Desire is male. Mostly, however, it’s a fast-paced adventure story complete with dead bodies, hookers, drugs, mysterious aliens, and several high-speed chases both on the ground and elsewhere.

Katharine Kerr is a science fiction and fantasy novelist, best known for her series of Celtic-influenced high fantasy novels set in the fictional land of Deverry. Visit her at www.deverry.com.


ISBN: 978-1-940121-01-7

Price: $14.50

Date: 2014 (first published 1990)

Format: Softcover 266 pgs 5.5″ x 8.5″